Kevin Watermeyer

Zuurplaats in the Sneeuberg area outside of Nieu Bethesda

1. Tell us about yourself. Where do you farm, your family and your interests?

My family have been in the area since the 1850’s but I have been farming Zuurplaats since 1986


2. In once paragraph - what is your farming philosophy?

Recreation of natural systems is the goal and farming is just a by product of that


3.Tell us about one of your farming challenges and how you solved it.

My grazing system mimics natural herd movement (I only farm with cattle). I believe in storing water below ground. I am aware that we as people actually have very little understanding of the complexity of natural processes and I aim to learn more every day.


4. What is the most important SLM lesson that you have learned?

The indescribable value of building resilience to drought and effects of climate change by using sustainable land management principles and adapting them to positively affect the property that one is farming. Also, how little I know and how much more I need to know.